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We live in a society of instant gratification in which finding the “cheapest” option is often more important than finding a quality option. The value of education is not always the priority, and this is especially true when it comes to aviation. For many, the hourly cost has become
Are you flying like an airline pilot or like a barnstormer? Have you ever asked yourself why all airlines and most reputable flight departments conduct structured proficiency/recurrent training every six months? Is it to give their pilots some much needed fun flying? Or maybe it’s just an insurance requirement?
Happy New Year to our friends, family, and fellow flyers! We hope 2022 was a wonderful year for you and that 2023 brings you much health and happiness. With each new year we anticipate new and different changes in the general aviation industry. Some of these changes are regulatory,
By: Andrew F. Henley, Vice President American Flyers I really enjoy being a part of our American Flyers Airline Academy orientation. If you don’t already know, our airline academy is designed to create professional pilots who will become leaders in the airline industry. In fact, during orientation, we tell
By Dr. Michael Bliss Chairman of the American Flyers National Safety Board American Flyers has a wonderful history that goes all the way back to 1939. Over the years we have seen changes in the industry and even changes in our logo. You might ask, why was a blindfolded
From singles, to twins, to turboprops, and some jets, since 1939, American Flyers has been training pilots in all different makes and models of airplanes. In all of that time, we have learned that the pilot must consider the right airplane for the course that they are considering. Does
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot There are many different reasons why people become pilots, and likewise, there are many different reasons why pilots become flight instructors. There are a few reasons why flight instructors don’t become instrument instructors, however, and that is mainly due to a lack of understanding.
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot It seems like today, every advertisement for every flight school includes some type of airline academy. These words are usually surrounded by pictures of large airplanes and different airline logos. Some are quite impressive and even have pictures of student pilots in uniform.
There is nothing more exhilarating than being a pilot, except maybe teaching others how to fly. When you are able to share your passion for flying and gain hours, it can be like you’re living in the clouds. And, better yet, the teaching and constant flying only make you
When you think about instrument flying, you can think of hundreds of things that you need to remember when flying in the clouds. This article covers the five most basic rules of thumb for you to remember when flying on instruments. 5: Always use the six T’s American Flyers
Everyone has a story, and every pilot has a reason for learning to fly.  Then in many cases, “life happens.”  We see this often where a pilot learned to fly years ago, and due to family, financial, business, or many other reasons, they had to stop flying.  As soon
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot Records show that methods to tell the future, like a crystal ball, have been used as far back as the 1st century. Soothsayers used the magic ball to give advice to the world’s most powerful people. If you think about this, you must