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Flight Training

Time to Finish-Up!

Student pilots who enroll with American Flyers for a custom Finish-Up Program originally started their training elsewhere. Many had 40 or 50 hours toward their private or instrument, but just couldn’t get the job done locally. They may have gotten frustrated because of a lack of organization, poor curriculum, Instructors that left for other employment, scheduling difficulties or aircraft availability. “I just didn’t seem to be making any progress,” is the comment we hear most often. Many of these frustrated pilots blamed themselves and some even considered giving up.

American Flyers has long been considered the Finish-Up experts and we are extremely proud of our reputation of getting the job done quickly. A long weekend is usually all it takes for most of our Finish-Up students. We can customize a training program to satisfy the most demanding schedule and by getting away from the distractions, you will be amazed at the progress you can make.

Log Book

Step 1 – Logbook Review

We start with a logbook review of total flight hours and technical requirements to find out your flying history; total hours, Pilot In Command, Cross-Country and Dual Engine. Then we determine what you will need to meet the FAA requirements as well as choose the most efficient and cost effective program. (Part 61 vs Part 141)

Instruction Review

Step 2 – Instructor Review

With a logbook review in hand, you will meet with one of our Instructors to review your skills on the ground, in the simulator and flying the aircraft to get a detailed understanding of where your strengths are, as well as the areas where we need to focus our energies. Upon completion, we will design a program and a schedule to get you finished up, once and for all!

Custom Solutions

Step 3 – Custom Solution

Together, we can put together a plan to accomplish your aviation goals based on your schedule and desired timeframe. Your syllabus is planned out from start to finish so you know what to expect to learn each day. American Flyers’ flight instructors Instructors are standardized to teach the same way, a method that has been proven successful for over 84 years.

We Want to be Your Flight School

American Flyers can help you complete your aviation goals. Get your logbook and call us at 800-362-0808.