Featured Student: Jessica Mubarak

jessica mubarak

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Jessica Mubarak. I’m from South Brunswick, NJ, and I am a full-time American Flyers student. I also work at a restaurant as well! How did you get into flying? Well, as a kid I would travel a lot, and I was also fascinated with planes. They […]

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Featured Student: Scott Alperin

featured student

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a 73-year-old, mostly retired, oral surgeon. I still practice part time in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I enjoy bicycling, skiing, and of course aviation. I presently live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I presently own a TBM 700C2 and a Glasair Sportsman 2+2 that I built. How did […]

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Featured Student: Ryan Yawger


American Flyers: Tell us a little about yourself? Ryan Yawger: Hello my name is Ryan. I’m very into sports, both playing and watching them. I’m hoping a NY sports team will start winning, and currently, I am working as a pizza delivery driver. AF: How did you get into flying? Ryan: I have been around […]

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Featured Student: Jack Frye


American Flyers: Tell us a little about yourself? Jack Frye: My Name is Jack Frye. I am currently 21 years old and I got into flying when I was 17. I run a software development company and attend Eastern Michigan University. I am working towards a bachelor of science in aviation flight technology. AF: How […]

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Featured Student: Lilia Hameed


American Flyers: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? Lilia Hameed: I am a triple minority and a first-generation U.S citizen! My mom is from Mexico and my dad is from Iraq. That makes me half Hispanic, half Middle Eastern, and a woman in the aviation community. I’ve spent almost all my life […]

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Life In The CFI Academy


Pilot’s Digest: Why did you choose American Flyers for your CFI training?   Skyler Hudson: I chose American Flyers for my CFI training because I have worked with them through my private, instrument, and commercial. American Flyers has a strong reputation for developing competent professional aviators. When choosing a flight school I wanted the best […]

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Featured Student: Scott Filline


Scott Filline received his instrument rating in 1972 at American Flyers DuPage. Pilot’s Digest: What got you interested in aviation?Scott Filline: I was surrounded by pilots. My father was a private pilot and owned a Cessna 172 with 2 men that he worked with at Sears. My best friend was working on his pilot license […]

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