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American Flyers believes flying is for everyone and has trained more pilots than any other flight school in the world. Our curriculum and training is based on the successful history and experience we have for doing what we do best … train pilots!

Flight training with American Flyers is based on a standardized teaching method. This helps students learn faster, in a structured environment, that assists in retention and confidence in their knowledge. Earning your private pilot certificate is accomplished through a combination of ground school, simulator time, and flight time. Our method is to learn on the ground, practice in the simulator and perfect in the air.

Private Pilot Flight Training

Aviation 101 - Private Pilot Certificate

Our “Learn to Fly” course consists of around 80 hours of total on-site education – this satisfies the minimums and provides you the training that you need. The majority of that time is going to be in a Cessna 172, Piper 100i or simulator and the rest is going to be on the ground and in the classroom. Students learning to fly with American Flyers have unlimited access to practice in our on-site simulators.

Private Pilot Training

Learn to Fly

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Choosing The Right Flight School

Your flight training experience should be focused on learning how to fly, how to understand aircraft systems and performance and most importantly, how to become the best all-around pilot possible. 

Determining which school to attend to earn your private pilot certificate should be based more on the quality of education than cheap hourly rates. Let’s remind ourselves of the famous quote “you get what you pay for.” This is especially true in aviation. The quality of your primary flight training will determine your long-term success as a pilot. 

 What works for someone else may not work for you. Do you need a program that allows you to work at your own pace or do you want to go through your training with a group in an academy style setting?

The Right
Questions to Ask

There are many things to consider when
choosing a flight school.
Check out some of the right questions

Pass the FAA Knowledge Test in as little as one weekend with American Flyers’ weekend ground school for the private written test.

Enroll and complete your instrument rating in as little as 10 days with our standardized curriculum gaining the knowledge to fly safer.

If you already have some flight training experience under your belt, American Flyers can help you Finish-Up your private pilot’s certificate.