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Commercial Training

Experience You Can Trust

For over 80 years, American Flyers has launched more professional pilot careers than any other aviation organization in the world.

Custom Finish-Up Program

We can custom tailor a commercial pilot program based on your flight experience and skill level. Most career flight schools can only offer you their “packages;” some might fit you – many will not, but your choice is usually “take it or leave it.” Instead of offering you prepackaged programs that may or may not meet your needs, American Flyers is unique in our industry by giving our students virtually unlimited choices in creating career flight training programs tailored to their individual circumstances and needs. Whether you wish to enhance your flying skills, acquire your commercial pilot certificate or become a flight instructor, we can create a program just for you.

Logbook Review

American Flyers’ FREE logbook evaluation enables us to find out your flying history. Then we determine what you will need to meet the FAA requirements as well as choose the most efficient and cost effective program.

Pass the FAA Knowledge Test

For those of you who want a personal guide to passing the FAA knowledge test, or want to dedicate a weekend to just get it done – Try our weekend ground

Airlines Hire Our Graduates

American Flyers prepares you for your career beyond just flight training.  We make sure you are ready for your interview and can guarantee you opportunities with many airlines.