Why Do You Fly?

why do you fly

By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot One of the best things about being with other pilots is finding out what motivated each of them to fly. The only thing even more interesting is finding out why people chose to devote their careers to aviation. This month we asked a few of our long-time employees to […]

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Getting Your Plane Out of Winter Storage

Winter Storage

BY RICK FARMER, NATIONAL HEAD OF MAINTENANCE Now that the winter season is starting to fade in most parts of the country, pilots everywhere are looking forward to the flying season ahead. If your aircraft has spent the last few months collecting dust, there are few things that need to be checked before you take […]

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It’s Time to Buy Your First Airplane


Are you a new pilot thinking about purchasing your first airplane? Or maybe you’re looking for a time builder that will allow you to build the hours needed to get your commercial pilot license. Perhaps you’re looking to make your business travel more efficient, or maybe you just want to fly for fun and can’t justify […]

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A Pilot’s Guide to Destination Flying

destination flying

Just about every pilot can remember their first solo cross country flight. All of the hard work paid off, and you were finally allowed and able to fly somewhere alone. From that time, for most pilots, planning cross country flights became rather straightforward. You selected a destination, plotted a course, and completed the rest of […]

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Five Rules of Thumb for the Private Pilot


If you ask any pilot for flying advice, regardless of their experience, you will most likely get an earful. Some of this advice is based on experience while most is based on hearsay and hangar flying. When we discuss the five rules of thumb for private pilots, we are not saying these are the only […]

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Looking Forward to Flying in the Fall


By Andrew Henley, Vice President American Flyers Fall is my favorite time of the year. From the leaves changing color to the crispness in the air, fall provides wonderful opportunities for those that want to take advantage of all that autumn has to offer. For pilots, it is an amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse […]

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The Well-Prepared Flight Bag


By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot Every few years, we write an article about what different pilots have or should have in their flight bags. As I looked over some of these past articles, I was amused at how the contents continued to shrink based on technology and new tools. Gone are the days of […]

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