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American Flyers has long been considered the Finish-Up experts and we are extremely proud of our reputation of getting the job done quickly. We can customize a training program to satisfy the most demanding schedule and by getting away from the distractions, you will be amazed at the progress
Thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts gathered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to witness the spectacle of high-flying acrobatics and cutting-edge aircraft technology. Before the air show began, pilots and air traffic controllers geared up to provide a seamless and safe experience for all attendees. If you’re not aware, the number
Sean Heath first got the “aviation bug” when he saw an advertisement on Facebook for an introductory flight back when he lived in California. He thought, “This will be an awesome adventure! I’ll fly over the beach and take control of an airplane. How cool will that be?” Little
Over the years, American Flyers has dedicated issues to employees who have truly inspired those around them to be better. When I speak to others in the flight industry, I am often struck by the incredible talent and rare individuals who have worked for American Flyers over the years.
Here is a brief timeline of some facts that very few people know about the early days of the flight training industry in the United States: The Wright Brothers’ first flight was on December 17, 1903. Not only were they the first to fly an airplane, but they also
By Dr. Michael Bliss Chairman of the American Flyers National Safety Board American Flyers has a wonderful history that goes all the way back to 1939. Over the years we have seen changes in the industry and even changes in our logo. You might ask, why was a blindfolded
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot I went to an aeronautical university in the ‘80s and could count the number of female pilots on one hand. Growing up in a house full of women and watching them achieve what they did, I could not understand why more females were
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot Most people have heard of Murphy’s Law. But few people know where or how it started. The phrase “Murphy’s Law” was coined at Edwards Air Force Base in the 1940s. During this time, a group of scientists was trying to design a safe
Aviation pioneer and founder of Frasca International, Rudy Frasca, died on May 11, 2020, at the age of 89. He was the pioneer of the flight simulator industry who effectively changed the flight training industry forever. American Flyers contracted Rudy to build them one of the first ever flight
By Jill Cole, President of American Flyers The aviation industry is to this day still dominated by males. We often only seem to hear about the great accomplishments of men in the field. However, there are quite a few women who are responsible for turning aviation into what we
American Flyers is thrilled to be celebrating over 80 Years of being the leading school for flight training. “A lot has changed since our founding in 1939, as we have shifted and transitioned with aviation needs, but one thing has remained constant: we continue to provide the American Flyers
By Steven Daun There are countless times in aviation history and the development of a certified flight instructor course when friendship and a handshake formidably changed our industry. In fact, much of what we consider modern-day aviation wouldn’t exist today without these unique “handshakes”. This is a story of