Teaching, Mentoring, Inspiring … is What We Do

Mentoring and Training Airline Pilots

By: Andrew F. Henley, Vice President American Flyers I really enjoy being a part of our American Flyers Airline Academy orientation. If you don’t already know, our airline academy is designed to create professional pilots who will become leaders in the airline industry. In fact, during orientation, we tell our students that their first day […]

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An Airline Academy Sets You up for Success!

Airline Academy Success

By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot It seems like today, every advertisement for every flight school includes some type of airline academy. These words are usually surrounded by pictures of large airplanes and different airline logos. Some are quite impressive and even have pictures of student pilots in uniform. Then when you read the fine […]

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Finish What You Started!


By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot There are 609,000 pilots in the United States. Of those, roughly 80% are “general aviation” pilots. The population of the United States is 327,000,000. When you do the math, you see that pilots make up .19% of the U.S. population. This means that pilots are part of a special […]

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CFIs Make Great Pilots


The best way to learn is to try, and try, and try again. “Practice makes perfect” are well-known words we all grew up on. And of course, this phrase absolutely applies to flying. I recently ran into an old CFI student of mine from many years ago. We spent some time catching up since his […]

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Now Is An Even Better Time To Become A Commercial Pilot


In October 2018, we published an article titled “Why Now is a Great Time to Become a Commercial Pilot.” In that article, we focused on the state of the industry from mostly a logistics perspective. There were not enough pilots to fly airplanes, and we had record airplane sales. Both of these factors led to […]

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Choosing an Aviation Education vs. Picking a Flight School


Quite a few of you have had the unique and challenging experience of assisting a child in choosing a college. Maybe you flipped a coin for children two and three, but picking a college for that first was quite a daunting task. As it was a brand new experience, it was hard to figure out […]

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Finance Your Training Today and Start Flying Tomorrow


Flight training, just like any other professional education, costs money. The good news is that American Flyers has an array of options for you to choose from depending on your needs and circumstances. Whether you are a veteran, a prospective career pilot, or doing this for your own personal reasons, we can help through our […]

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