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American Flyers has been training pilots for top airlines, corporations and governments worldwide since 1939. With OVER 80 Years of experience, this level of training expertise is reflected in all courses offered at American Flyers. We Train Pilots … It’s What We Do.

Advantages of American Flyers Airline Academy

Our vision is to support pilots through aviation education with the commitment to provide the best quality training. American Flyers is dedicated to ensuring our students build the confidence, skill sets, and knowledge required to be fully-competent and safe pilots. We also believe that flying is for everyone and are determined that anyone who dreams of flying, can one day earn their wings.

  • Instructors are employees of American Flyers and are always available whenever your schedule permits; this means you will have no scheduling difficulties with instructors or aircraft availability.
  • Instructors are standardized to teach the same way, a proven method that has been successful for OVER 80 Years.
  • Strong Curriculum – Your syllabus is planned out from start to finish; you know what to expect and learn each day. Every lesson is designed to strategically prepare you for your career with the airlines.
  • American Flyers pioneered the use of simulators in flight training. We continue to assist with the development of new simulator technology as they remain a key-element in the success of our training.

Experience You can Trust

American Flyers is proud to have launched more Professional Pilot Careers than any other aviation organization in the world. The quality of education and experience you receive is the foundation that will last your entire career.

American Flyers does more than just train pilots; we prepare you for your professional career. We combine our top quality training curriculum with additional preparation and guidance from expert industry mentors to transform our students into both airline pilots and career professionals. When our students graduate they will have the skills that top airlines around the world are seeking along with the professional acumen that is desired.

  • American Flyers specializes in training pilots and is known as the world’s best flight school due to the quality of training provided
  • Students are hired by airlines around the world as a direct result of American Flyers’ 10 month training program
  • The training curriculum is an FAA approved program which means training strictly adheres to regulations under FAR 141
  • Full-time training program and a team of dedicated mentors for each student

Your Pathway to Success

At the Airlines

Once both flight instructor's certificates are obtained, select students will have the opportunity to work at one of our six American Flyers school locations nationwide, building professional experience and flight hours as a Flight Instructor. Compared to other airline academies, at American Flyers you are not just building flight hours. As a flight instructor, you are gaining relevant, quality practice that will set you apart from other candidates applying to the airlines. Through your continued education as a flight instructor you will be better prepared for a successful career in the airline industry.

Pathway Plane
Pathway Plane
Airbus A320

Our Fleet

Presently, American Flyers operates six training facilities across the Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas areas. American Flyers has a fleet of over 50 aircraft, 25 simulators, along with over 150 dedicated instructors to assist with the education and support for each of our students.

Single Engine

Single Engine

Multiengine Piper Seminole Multi Engine Aircraft




Each student begins by learning the basics while flying in aircraft equipped with the industry recognized standard 6-pack. After foundational skills have been acquired American Flyers students carry out their training using the most modern, extensive and select fleet of aircraft and simulators in the world for aeronautical training.

  • Frasca
  • Frasca RTD
  • G1000
  • Cessna 172R
  • Skyhawk 172SP
  • Piper 100i
  • Piper PA-44 Seminole
  • 6-Pack
  • G1000
  • Garmin G3X
internatinonal flight training

Financing Resources for Training

American Flyers has various resource partners to help you finance all or a part of your flight training. Options ranging from traditional loans and scholarships to internship programs as a way to help finance your aviation career.
  • Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship
  • Administrative Co-op opportunities

Excellence In Training

American Flyers is dedicated to providing you with the best aviation training possible. See what some of our past graduates had to say about their training experience with American Flyers!

“My older brother is currently flying for a commercial airline, and he received training at American Flyers. We grew up flying, and I knew at a young age that this is what I was born to do. When it came time to choose a flight school, there was no other option for me than American Flyers. I have completed my Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI at American Flyers. I am currently working as a CFI, gaining flight time to make it to the airlines. The journey has been one for the books, and if I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Carlos V. from Texas

“American Flyers has well-qualified instructors that go above and beyond to help you fully understand the material. The class sizes are small and personalized, instructors know you by your first name. All of the instructors I had during my time at American Flyers didn’t just teach out of the textbook, they instilled a passion within me and made the class enjoyable. I can confidently say that without them I would not be the successful pilot I am today.”

Roni M. from Arizona

“Growing up, my mother was a flight attendant for one of the major airlines, and when she would come home she would tell me about the amazing places she got to go. The idea of traveling the world for a job was so enticing that I wanted that too, but I wasn’t sure about being a flight attendant. I found American Flyers through a family friend who had shown me a copy of the Pilot’s Digest with a cover of a female pilot on the front. I knew right then and there that that was who I wanted to be, not stuck in the back of the plane, but up front flying it. I signed up with American Flyer’s to get my Private Pilot’s license and now I’m gaining the experience necessary for a successful career as an airline pilot!”

Paulina O. from Florida

“Looking back on my flight training experience I know I made the right choice by choosing American Flyers. Aviation begins with a strong foundation, and without that, you won’t be nearly the pilot you could be. I am now an Airline Pilot, and I can say that not a day goes by where something doesn’t come up that brings me back to my Private Pilot days. Working hard at American Flyers helped build my foundational skills I am still using.”

Joshua B from New Jersey

Richard Hyslop began his career in aviation in 1978 flying domestic and abroad to South America, Europe, Hawaiian Islands, Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada. After retiring from American Airlines, Richard was not ready to give up his passion for aviation. Richard shares his experience and knowledge with all of his students. Richard enjoys working with American Flyers and is dedicated to producing the best airline pilots in the industry. “I use the word passion, because to make a career in aviation it requires passion.” Richard Hyslop, American Airlines Captain (Retired)


Bob Ponti possesses over 25,000 hours of flight time and has extensive experience as an Airline Pilot and Pilot Examiner. Bob began his career with American Airlines in 1966. He came to American Flyers three years ago to share his knowledge with aspiring pilots. “Our training program is characterized by an in-depth emphasis on procedures for airlines by instructors who make use of the most advanced technology. Our goal is to teach each student how to fly as well as train them on what it means to think like a professional airline pilot. This gives our students a strong competitive advantage over students from other schools when trying to enter the aviation industry.” Bob Ponti, American Airlines Captain (Retired)


Who We are

American Flyers was founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1939. Since its inception, the company has earned a worldwide reputation of being the premier school for flight training. As an aspiring Airline Pilot, your initial flight training and the school you attend will play a vital role in helping you fulfill your career ambitions. For OVER 80 Years, American Flyers has been converting dreams into careers by giving students the tools and resources necessary to become an Airline Pilot.

About Us

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American Flyers Airline Academy Start Dates

  • December 7, 2022

    Pompano Beach, FL

  • February 22, 2023

    Addison, TX

  • March 1, 2023

    Pompano Beach, FL

  • April 19, 2023

    Addison, TX

  • June 7, 2023

    Pompano Beach, FL

  • June 28, 2023

    Addison, TX

  • August 23, 2023

    Addison, TX

  • September 6, 2023

    Pompano Beach, FL

  • October 25, 2023

    Addison, TX

  • December 6, 2023

    Pompano Beach, FL

American Flyers has launched more pilot careers than any other aviation organization in the world!


Start your career in aviation as a professional, commercial or ATP pilot without any flight time or college credits.


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