Private Pilot



Flying is enjoyable, functional and can be used for business or pleasure.  It is not as hard as you may think, especially when you are working with the right training school and flight instructor.  You can earn your private pilot certificate in as little time as just a few weeks.

Our basic “Learn to Fly” course consists of around 80 hours of total on-site education – this satisfies the minimums and provides you the training that you need. The majority of that time is going to be in a Cessna 172 aircraft or simulator and the rest is going to be on the ground and in the classroom. Students learning to fly with American Flyers have unlimited access to practice in our on-site simulators.

The private pilot certificate is aviation 101 – it is where we all start our aviation journey. For most of us, we all ask the same beginner question: How long will it take and how much will it cost?  American Flyers will always teach you to ask the real question: What is it going to take to teach you to be a safe pilot?  Without any history of flight training and Flight Instructor endorsements in your logbook, we can only tell you what the FAA minimum requirements are compared to what it takes on average to earn a Private Pilot Certification and what we recommend based on our experience of over 82 years. American Flyers operates with integrity, our goal is to provide the best possible flight training at a reasonable rate.

Get Started

Private Written Test
Pass the FAA Written Test in as little as one weekend with American Flyers’ weekend ground school.
Finish-Up Flight Training
If you already have some flight training experience under your belt, American Flyers can help you finish-up your certificate, usually all it takes is a long weekend.
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