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Keep Your CFI Current with American Flyers’ FIRC Course

Keep Your CFI Current with American Flyers’ FIRC Course

There is nothing more exhilarating than being a pilot, except maybe teaching others how to fly. When you are able to share your passion for flying and gain hours, it can be like you’re living in the clouds. And, better yet, the teaching and constant flying only make you a safer and more experienced pilot.

With the responsibility of being a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) comes the renewal of your certificate every two years, and that can be accomplished by either meeting certain requirements as a current CFI, or by taking a flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC). If you are not prepared when the time comes, the thrill of flying and teaching can quickly be grounded. American Flyers is here to set you up for success with both online and on-site courses in one of our six locations around the country.

The CFI is the only pilot certificate that needs to be renewed, and this must be done every two years. If a CFI is unable to meet the requirements as an active instructor, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows a pilot to take a Flight Instructor Refresher Course as part of the renewal process to ensure that they are up to date with present-day safety regulations, TSA regulations and all of the other important factors that are a part of flying. The FAA has a list of seven providers in the United States that are qualified to administer this course, and that is where American Flyers comes
in. We are a part of the seven who have earned the accreditation and like pilots, we have to go through a rigorous renewal process every two years as well to certify that our course is up to date and complies with certain regulations.

In 2016, our course went through a major rewrite completed by an aviation writer fresh out of the Air Force who helped us modernize our FIRC and made it more interactive in comparison to the other FIRC programs offered around the country. The FIRC is heavy on text and light on video, but how it is presented makes it an enjoyable refresher course.

The online course is available year-round at any time, whereas our brick and mortar courses are offered the third weekend of every month. Both courses are comprised of 12 lessons, each of which is approximately an hour long and is concluded with a five-question multiple-choice quiz. Each quiz requires a score of at least 70%, and after the twelfth course, a comprehensive exam is given which also requires a score of at least 70%.

American Flyers is different from the competition in many ways, but two main benefits distinguish us. First off, we charge a ONE time fee of $99, unlike most other schools who charge a fee every two years. That’s just one payment of $99 throughout the duration of one’s flight career. Moreover, our support team is available six days a week through live chat or by phone. They are here to help walk through and navigate the complexity of filing any renewal courses and certificates and to answer any questions. It can be

Score high on the FIRC and fly higher with American Flyers today!