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Featured Student: Olivia DeNoto

Featured Student: Olivia DeNoto

Tell us a little about yourself?
I grew up in a small town outside of Rochester, New York, where I enjoyed many different outdoor hobbies such as flying, snowboarding, and equestrian sports.

How did you get into flying?
I come from a family of aviators, so I have always loved being around the aviation community. I grew up flying with my dad but it wasn’t until after I graduated from college that I decided to take a 180-degree turn in my career and start following in his footsteps to become a pilot.

Tell us how you went about choosing a flight school?
Looking for a change of scenery from New York, I was attracted to Florida because of its connections to the aviation industry, with its many desirable flight schools and networking opportunities.

What made you choose American Flyers?
American Flyers has an astounding reputation that was upheld by the feedback I received from other pilots who went through their CFI-renewal program. Upon discovering the administrative co-op position, I knew that American Flyers would be the best opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in flight training as both a student and an employee.

How much outside studying did you have to put in during your time with AF?
I reserve a set amount of my time after work every day to dedicate to studying and preparing for my next lessons. Establishing a proper balance between work and training is challenging but crucial for my success as a student.

What is your most memorable moment at American Flyers?
My most memorable moment will be when I get to ring the bell for the first time upon passing my instrument checkride.

Looking back, what advice would you give someone interested in starting pilot training?
I would definitely encourage others to pursue a career in flying because of the exciting lifestyle it offers, but they should be prepared to invest a lot of time and hard work during the process as training can be very challenging.

What’s next for you?
Once I finish my training at American Flyers, my next step will be to get my add-on ratings for rotorcraft so that I can pursue my dream of becoming a professional helicopter pilot.

If you could fly anywhere, go to any flying destination, where would it be?
Having traveled quite a bit, I really believe the most beautiful destinations are in our own backyard. I would love to fly to Alaska to admire its natural beauty, enjoy the snow sports, and visit some close friends of mine.