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By Pilot’s Digest Pilot’s Digest: Tell us a little about yourself? (Background info – who are you, what do you do) Jared Reading: Married 21 years, father of 4.  Diagnostics and Interventional Radiologist in the town of Uvalde, Texas.  My wife and I also own and operate Shotgun CrossFit.
Pilot’s Digest: How long have you wanted to be a pilot, and why? John Payne: I’ve always been involved in sports and activities; I played football, basketball and ran track in middle school. High school was when things started to change, and I really had to start thinking about
Pilot’s Digest (PD): Tell us about your aviation career; what do you do, and how long have you been doing it? José: My aviation career, if I could put it in one word, is stunning! I started off as an airline pilot almost six years ago. I was hired