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By Ian Dasho For many pilots, whether just starting out or completing a CFI academy, this time of year means that they are either preparing to go back to school or preparing others to go back to school. Either way, American Flyers knows that from mid-August to mid-September many
By Ian Dasho During a recent conversation with a longtime pilot, I discovered that it wasn’t just pilots who, whether in a flight instructor renewal course or airline academy, love the portability of the American Flyers’ Simulator in a Box. Family members do too! This particular pilot, let’s just
I was about 17 years old when I began my search for a flight school to help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional pilot. Like many young, aspiring pilots, I started my journey with the help of my father, but we really had no idea what a
By Chris Webb So it’s been awhile? For most who’ve completed CFIA, CFII academy, or have a history of flying, we’ll rationalize this question with, “It’s like riding a bike.” “It’ll come back to you” “Your muscles will remember what to do.” These phrases are all fine and dandy,
By Tim Genc I remember working with a student who was preparing for her instrument flight test in our American Flyers airline academy. When we were at the point that her approaches and knowledge were to practical test standards, she asked me to give her a week before I
While American Flyers celebrates 75 years of supporting pilots and passing out commercial pilot certificates, I celebrate 50 years of being one… And although I have been dedicated to teaching flying, it has always been interesting to learn from some of my professional pilot friends. “Flying by the book”
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot There are many different reasons why people become pilots, and likewise, there are many different reasons why pilots become flight instructors. There are few reasons why flight instructors don’t become instrument instructors, however, and that is mainly due to a lack of understanding.
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot You’ve dreamed about flying since you were a child. You’re finally in a position in your life where this dream is about to become a reality. All your friends and family know that you are training to become a pilot. There is only
  By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot In over 35 years of flying, I have never met anyone who said they like taking a written test. There are two philosophies about how to prepare for the FAA Knowledge Exam. One group says you just need to memorize the answers
BY: STEVEN DAUN, NATIONAL CHIEF PILOT When it comes to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), there is a saying that FAR Part 61 tells you how to get your certificates, and Part 91 tells you how to lose them. Part 61 does, in fact, tell us what the minimum requirements
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot “Every student learns at a different rate, but how long it takes to finish your training depends on the team of support you have around you.” When searching for a flight school, your first series of questions should be about the average number of
By Tim Genc The other day, I was proudly congratulating a student on the completion of his Instrument Rating. “Let’s talk about the commercial,” I said. The student quickly replied that he was not interested in a career in aviation, and that for him flying was just for recreational