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At Home Simulators

At Home Simulators

By Ian Dasho

As most pilots in airline academy and flight instructors who have completed a certified flight instructor course know, the airplane is not an ideal classroom. Fun but not ideal.

Simulators can provide a practical learning environment, free of stress and distractions, which will allow student pilots the opportunity to practice proper procedures. Simulator sessions can be paused when fatigue or confusion sets in, giving the students a much-needed break while letting them remain in the training environment. Additionally, simulators enable the pilot to repeat a lesson under the same conditions previously flown while isolating specific elements of that lesson that need improvement. For these reasons, American Flyers has developed “At Home” simulator courseware programs. These courses include Private, Instrument, IFR Refresher, Certified Flight Instructor course, Airplane and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument. 

Each course includes the Microsoft Flight Simulator compatible lessons, the American Flyers’ Learning Guide, which is used to pass both your written exam and flight test, and seven days a week online tech support.