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Back to School

Back to School

By Ian Dasho

For many pilots, whether just starting out or completing a CFI academy, this time of year means that they are either preparing to go back to school or preparing others to go back to school. Either way, American Flyers knows that from mid-August to mid-September many pilots will not think about flying until after the Back to School routine is settled into. This means that for many pilots summer flying will soon be over.

What do these poor souls have to look forward to when they finally return to the sky? IFR! 

Instrument flying is on the horizon for most pilots, many of whom will be grounded until they get current. Even if an IPC is not what is needed, now is the time to do six approaches, a hold, and intercepting and tracking radials a CFII, or it may be time to complete the instrument rating required to fly during the fall and winter months. 

If getting to the airport is a challenge, the American Flyers’ IFR Refresher and Instrument Rating courseware programs can be used to reach the level of proficiency required for instrument flying. These courses begin with Basic Attitude Instrument Flying, and progress to IFR Cross Country Flying using the same building block method that American Flyers has perfected over the past 75 years.