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By: Mike Forth Spring has sprung! You know what that means. It’s time to get back in your favorite airplane, take the family and friends out, show them the local sights or plan that long-awaited vacation.  It’s a chance to remind everyone that you belong to a rare group
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot It is hard to describe to non-pilots the feeling that pilots get while flying.  Regardless of what type of flying you do, we all start at the same point.  And for most of us, there are certain milestones that we have in common. 
By Butch Filline Looking back at my younger years, it’s hard to imagine a better time than my freshman year of college. A year earlier I had earned my pilot’s license just after graduating from high school. I was young, passionate about aviation and fairly certain I was going
Having trouble filling out your holiday wish list? Look no further than our 2017 holiday gift guide for pilots. From headsets to gift certificates, we have you covered!   BI-PLANE PROPELLER MOUNTA unique twist on displaying your old propeller or antique propeller, this wall mount is designed to look like the
Chronicles of a Corporate Pilot By Mike Forth Flying Home for the Holidays…or a Limousine, a Dirt Strip and a Cowboy! Flying for a corporation can be fun, boring and at moments terrifying, but around the end of the year during the holiday season it was always fun. I have
When we take a look back in time it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the world of aviation, from tweed jackets and scarves to iPads and headsets, things couldn’t be more different today. Lets take a look back in history to see where it all changed.
A Flight Bag For Everyone The CEO WHERE TECHNOLOGY AND LUXURY MEET l. Breitling Emergency 2. Garmin Executive Flight Bag 3. Stratus 2s linked with ForeFlight 4. Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner 5. MyGoFlight iPad Folio C Kneedboard 6. Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer 7. Bose A20 Aviation Headset
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] My Introduction to Corporate Flying By Mike Forth Dateline 1974… I was the company pilot for a wholesale lumber company. It was a partnership between two super salesmen: one wanting nothing to do with the airplane, the other wanting me to teach him to fly. Different as they
By Kasey King Aviators: So people know that I am a pilot. Stratux: Home-made unit to supply foreflight with in flight traffic and weather. Combos: Snacks, because one should never fly hungry. iPad: Supplied with foreflight for all current charts. Highlighter Tape: For paper sectional/low enroute to highlight my route of flight.
The winter holidays are right around the corner, which means the majority of us will be embarking on some kind of journey, whether great or small. For many, this involves air travel. And while the majority of the population might be lamenting over the commute – being squished into
Pilots are a unique bunch and often appreciate a unique approach when it comes to gift giving. Now granted, as different as they are, pilots do wear clothes, eat food and go to movies; and it goes without saying, gift cards are always welcome. But for those who want