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10 Gift Ideas for Pilots

10 Gift Ideas for Pilots

Pilots are a unique bunch and often appreciate a unique approach when it comes to gift giving. Now granted, as different as they are, pilots do wear clothes, eat food and go to movies; and it goes without saying, gift cards are always welcome. But for those who want to go a bit above and beyond, here are some suggestions from a few festive fellow flyers out there:

Backup Tablet.
The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is great, but a backup in the event of a failure is a must! A smaller – maybe less expensive – tablet can certainly fit this bill, i.e., an iPad Mini to back up the standard iPad. Even with a backup tablet, American Flyers recommends having backup paper charts as well; their batteries never die, nor do their screens break.

Spare Headset.
A backup for the pilot in the event their primary fails, or a primary headset for passengers. Choose well because it may be snuggly clinging to your head on your next flight with them!

Handheld Radio.
This makes an unplanned radio or electrical failure a much easier process. Devices range in price and functionality from the most basic at $150 to having both communication and navigation functions at $400; choose whichever fits best into your gifting budget.

Mountable Camera.
Recorded flights can provide both education and entertainment. Rest assured that reviewing these pilot “home movies” is significantly more exciting than slide shows across Egypt or a 1987 video tour of a paper production plant in Nekoosa.

Warm–weather Gear.
Jackets with built–in rechargeable heaters or heated gloves will ensure that the winter tundra of the frozen north doesn’t rush the outside–the–aircraft inspection that every good pilot performs. Consider garnishing your gift with a large thermos and a few packets of hot chocolate.

Gift Certificate for Flying.
Consider a weekend course to add a seaplane rating, a little time in a tail dragger or behind the stick of a war bird, or an hour in a military jet. Besides the addition to the logbook, the joy of the experience is a gift that will last a lifetime!

Shielding your eyes from the bright sun is a necessity in aviation and a bonus for those of us wishing to be able to see into our 50’s. Polarized sunglasses are great, but many modern avionics already have polarized screens, so a little knowledge of the cockpit of your pilot–giftee is necessary here.

Flight Jacket.
Nylon, leather, sheepskin… the classic WWII bomber jackets are always an eye turner, and they provide the perfect canvas for those desiring to spice them up with various pieces of aviation flair. Plus, they stylishly announce to the world that the wearer is a pilot.

Pilot Travel Books.
State–by–state guides to the best airport fly–in restaurants, airports in close proximity to fun destinations and attractions, or noteworthy airports to brag about in your flying memoirs (see KLXV, Leadville County in Colorado) will help your pilot get the most out of that airplane. Most of these guides will fit comfortably into a flight bag or aircraft glove compartment and will get the creative and adventurous juices flowing.

During this time of celebration, giving of thanks, and all–around fellowship, companionship is the gift that will pre–heat the pilot heart the most. Toys, devices and “things” are nice, but every pilot out there desires most to fly, and to share their passion for flight with others. A “Co–pilot Coupon,” redeemable for a reserved seat next to them during their next slipping of surly bonds is quite simply the best gift you can give to your pilot friend.

Happy shopping, enjoy the holiday season, and always remember that it is far better to give a PIREP than to receive a holding clearance.