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By Rick Farmer You don’t need to be in aviation very long, or have completed a certified flight instructor course, to hear the myth that “aircraft fuel gauges are only required to be accurate at empty.” This statement is completely false. I have heard it from pilots, mechanics and
Our Addison South location, where our Career Academy is located, is blessed to have 3 experienced and dedicated Assistant Chief Pilots (ACI). One of these ACI’s is Stephen Sanderson. A charismatic employee with a fun and caring personality, Stephen is an instructor every student hopes to fly with. Born
When I spend time in the American Flyers flight schools or airline academy, I hear the phrase “Ambassadors of Aviation” a lot, and it’s directed at flight instructors. Old joke: how do you know if there’s a pilot at a party? Oh, they’ll tell you. So, you better believe
You have dreamed about becoming a pilot or how to become a commercial pilot your whole life; from the time you looked up and saw that beautiful airplane streak by or simply from a story that you once heard. Regardless of the source that lit the flame, the stage
By Ricker Farmer Without needing a certified flight instructor course, one could tell the production of heat is a natural by-product of the internal combustion engine.  If left unregulated, excessive heat can cause serious damage or engine failure. When the outside air temperature increases in the summer, any flaws
When I was a kid growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, we would try to find any kind of toy that could fly. One of the toys that our parents bought for us was a control line airplane. You started a gas-powered engine and stood in the middle
There are many things that contribute to the success of a company, no matter the industry it serves. A flight school is no different. Taking care of customers, focusing on safety, and taking care of and choosing the right employees are all a part of makes a flight school
Every instructor out there usually remembers two aviation moments with great emotion as if they were yesterday: their first solo and their CFI check ride. That initial time you took to the air, less the weight and training wheels of your instructor, was the first time you became a