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Featured Staff: Stephen Sanderson

Featured Staff: Stephen Sanderson

Our Addison South location, where our Career Academy is located, is blessed to have 3 experienced and dedicated Assistant Chief Pilots (ACI). One of these ACI’s is Stephen Sanderson. A charismatic employee with a fun and caring personality, Stephen is an instructor every student hopes to fly with.

Born and raised in Sherman, Texas, Stephen completed his Private license while still in high school. After graduating from The Oklahoma State University, Stephen came to American Flyers and completed his Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor Airplane with Instrument. He also earned his Sea Plane rating in Alaska and recently added his Multi-Engine Instructor rating to his certificate.

As an instructor, Stephen works with a servant’s heart. He enjoys working with students from all over the world and seeing them progress from a zero-time pilot, all the way through to their MultiEngine Commercial. Their progression and ultimate success is directly related to his passion and hard work.

Our students and fellow employees respect and appreciate all that Stephen does for American Flyers. One of our students was recently asked what they wanted to do after they completed their CFI training, he had a great answer, ‘I want to instruct and be like Stephen Sanderson.’ He went on to say that he would not be the pilot he is today without Stephen’s tutelage and guidance.

Years from now, Stephen says he may want to fly for a long-haul cargo carrier. For right now, he loves making a difference in the aviation community one student at a time. Keep up the great work Stephen and thank you for all that you do for American Flyers!