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By Andrew Henley “I really want to be a professional pilot; do you think that’s a good idea?” That was the question I asked my high school guidance counselor. He looked at me like I was crazy. He said, “I have no idea, you should go to the local
American Flyers in Scottsdale, Arizona was able to spend the day with Northwest Christian’s physics class.  Every year, our goal is to inspire students in aviation and we are proud to say that this was our second year in a row hosting this field trip. During this field-trip, a
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot There are 609,000 pilots in the United States. Of those, roughly 80% are “general aviation” pilots. The population of the United States is 327,000,000. When you do the math, you see that pilot’s makeup .19% of the U.S. Population. This means that pilots
Flying is fun, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s something you look forward to doing on the path to become a commercial pilot. However, most will tell you that the obligatory FAA knowledge tests are none of these things. They are merely the unpleasant somethings we have to do in
By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot In over 30 years of being involved in the flight training industry, it amazes me that people still equate certain schools with certain airlines. Whenever I hear this, my first question to them is “how do you know which airline you are going
By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot I’m always amused when I hear someone ask another person if they are ready to go flying. If you ask 1,000 pilots to define “ready,” you are bound to get 1,000 different answers. The proper statement should be, “tell me why you are
You have dreamed about becoming a pilot or how to become a commercial pilot your whole life; from the time you looked up and saw that beautiful airplane streak by or simply from a story that you once heard. Regardless of the source that lit the flame, the stage
By Time Genc Flying is awesome. Flying an aircraft is one of the best feelings and one of the most unique accomplishments out there. It’s pretty special, so keep that in mind when I ask this next question… How much fun is it to have to fly for 40
By Chris Webb So it’s been awhile? For most who’ve completed CFIA, CFII academy, or have a history of flying, we’ll rationalize this question with, “It’s like riding a bike.” “It’ll come back to you” “Your muscles will remember what to do.” These phrases are all fine and dandy,
By Chris Webb You have already asked the question, “what does it take to be a commercial pilot?” You have already decided that walking on this planet isn’t enough. You want to rise above the Earth and “…dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings.” Well, there is a little planning
As we have moved into the start of the new year, I can’t help but appreciate last year. 2018 was filled with a lot of great accomplishments for American Flyers as well as some noteworthy advancements in the industry. But while 2018 was a great year, we have to
Congratulations! You have earned the pilot certificate that you have always wanted. What now? Many of our readers will continue to earn the certificates and ratings necessary for their first job in aviation. Others may feel the time and financial investment they have made into their first one or