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Is Your Written Exam Still Looming on the Horizon?

Is Your Written Exam Still Looming on the Horizon?

Flying is fun, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s something you look forward to doing on the path to become a commercial pilot. However, most will tell you that the obligatory FAA knowledge tests are none of these things. They are merely the unpleasant somethings we have to do in order to get to the fun, exciting and rewarding part.

While no written exam on the journey to become a commercial pilot is enjoyable to do, it’s the process of studying for the written exam in order to become a commercial pilot that is the real pain. he biggest reason behind this is how we prepare for the written exam: we treat it like a completely different animal, attacking it like it contains information that does not matter. This isn’t necessarily the case. While preparing for the written does require a small set of unique tools, the vast majority of the information can be gleaned from flying and studying the information that is relevant to the cockpit. So, preparing for the FAA knowledge test should be incorporated into preparing for your flight test.

American Flyers’ online written preparation courses follow this method. It’s not practice test after  practice test with the goal of memorizing the questions. And while this might get you a good score on the written, 1) it’s a tedious and mind-numbing process and 2)it does nothing for your flight education. Our courses focus on teaching the information, in some cases well beyond the written exam standard that is required to become a commercial pilot and very applicable to your practical flight training. Our instructors are standing up in front of the screen teaching you – just like you’re one of their own students – then quizzing you, going through each answer to discuss why the answer is right or wrong. It is a practical teaching scenario from the start.

Our online format enables you to use the course from anywhere and any device, and when completed with the training, we’ll sign you off so you can put the written behind you. One question we often get about our online courses is this: why is your course so much cheaper than your competitors? And that is a good question; we don’t know. We ‘ve priced our program in the manner that we have because providing instruction is something that we do every day. We’re a flight school, and we give flight instruction and ground instruction to pass the written exam. So for us to take some of our more entertaining instructors and have them “do their thing” in front of a camera is simple; we don’t have to charge almost $300.

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