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Interview with Steven Mendez

Interview with Steven Mendez

By American Flyers 

Pilot’s Digest: Tell us about your aviation career. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

Steven Mendez: I started just over 10 years ago. It has been a journey full of experiences, challenges and many sunrises. I have worked in Copa Airlines, and I am currently in Emirates as Senior First Officer in the Boeing 777 fleet.

PD: When did you graduate from American Flyers?

SM: I graduated in 2007. It was something very special since I fulfilled one of my dreams and also because my father was present that day.

PD: What influenced you to build a career in aviation?

SM: I always wanted to be a pilot, and when I started, I confirmed this. I wanted to do this for all the time that life would allow me.

PD: What were some of the criteria that helped you decide what flight school was right for you?

SM: The criteria that I had in mind to decide where to study were the school location, the school professionalism, its airplanes, the housing option and the help I got with all the paperwork of visas and others.

PD: What influenced you to choose American Flyers for your flight training?

SM: I chose American Flyers for its trajectory in the formation of airline pilots.

PD: What was your first aviation job after completing your training?

SM: The first job I had was flying a private plane, a Citation II.

PD: What advice would you give someone interested in a career in aviation?

SM: The advice that I can give is to have patience and perseverance.

PD: What tips would you give someone starting the Airline Academy?

SM: The road is long. It has highs and lows but is full of exciting and enriching experiences.

PD: What was your favorite memory from the Airline Academy?

SM: One of my favorite memories is when we did night flights with my teammates each on their plane.

PD: Who influenced you along your career path?

SM: Actually, my inspiration has been the love that I feel for this career. It is something I love and every day I think of the responsibility that I have on my shoulders and that fills me with satisfaction.

PD: What is your favorite aviation movie?

SM: It’s a very good question. I like many, but I would choose “The Aviator.”

PD: What is your favorite aircraft to fly for work or for fun?

SM: All the aircrafts I have flown are special for me, but the b777 is amazing. I always wanted to fly it and now I can say that it is my favorite

Steven Mendez