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Steve Okros

Flight Training Testimonials

This is a story to inspire individuals to get their pilot’s certificate; and possibly their own airplane. My name is Steve Okros and this
When you ask a pilot why he wanted to learn to fly, most respond with, “Oh, I’ve wanted to fly since I was a
Until recently Adeel Siddiqui had a job as an aircraft dispatcher for Ryan International Airlines. Now he has new position as an administrative intern
Cody Farmer got his Private pilot certificate about two weeks ago. His interest in flying began last year, sparked by two of his partners
Ashleigh Fenn discovered her passion for flying by accident. She had gone to Australia to visit her brother with the intent of staying there
After recently passing his private pilot check ride, Bob Palcher, 48, is already making plans. He is currently preparing for instrument ground school, and
This college freshman will have more than your average amount of summer stories to tell her friends. On Tuesday August 12, Keeley Jones earned
Jeff Earnhart has made his dream into reality this year. On June 19, he became a private pilot, and couldn’t be happier. He has
In early November, Suzanne Stites became a private pilot. It was the culmination of her work and dedication and she couldn’t be happier. For
Renee Kerckhoff’s husband was listening as his wife spoke of her dream to fly, and a couple of years ago he bought her a
Brian Stanton came to American Flyers in the end of September with absolutely no experience. He became a Private pilot in less than 3
Dr. Stephen Fletcher is a pediatric neurosurgeon at University of Texas, Houston. He has recently achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. While