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Cody Farmer

Flight Training Testimonials

Cody Farmer got his Private pilot certificate about two weeks ago. His interest in flying began last year, sparked by two of his partners who fly. He started training locally in Tennessee, but decided that he wanted more ground instruction for the written exam than he was getting. His buddy told him about American Flyers and after talking to a couple of managers he came to Atlanta. After completing his weekend ground school, he realized that he wanted to return to American Flyers to finish his Private, so a month later he came back. “I think the world of Clint,” he said of school director and chief flight instructor, Clint White. He added, “The training in such a densely trafficked airport was invaluable. They took time to work you into it.””

He’s already taken advantage of his new certificate to fly by taking a couple of flights in the Smokey Mountains since returning to his home in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He took his wife, Donna, into a very beautiful valley leading from north Tennessee into south Virginia. Cody plans to make his first destination flight to Crystal River, Florida for a diving trip.

Cody F.