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Ashleigh Fenn

Flight Training Testimonials

Ashleigh Fenn discovered her passion for flying by accident. She had gone to Australia to visit her brother with the intent of staying there for 10 months, but realized after 3 weeks that it wasn’t the right time for her to be there. Instead she decided to stay at her family’s condo in Palm Beach for the winter. Her dad, a GA pilot and aviation attorney, suggested she take some flying lessons while she was there.

She earned her Private and says that the training became almost addictive. She got her Instrument rating, Multi Engine Private, Commercial, and now her CFI’s. She’s planning on becoming an Airline Pilot after she gains some experience instructing. Her older brother James, who’d begun his flying before Ashleigh, came to American Flyers to work on his Private and ended up asking her for help!

Ashleigh’s dad owns a C-340 and one of the best things to come out of this experience is the bonding with her father. Dad loves to fly with his little girl!

Ashleigh F.