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Brian Stanton

Flight Training Testimonials

Brian Stanton came to American Flyers in the end of September with absolutely no experience. He became a Private pilot in less than 3 months while still maintaining his busy work schedule as an architect. A lifetime dream has been fulfilled, but the long term benefits he will enjoy are far more tangible than the satisfaction he feels at this moment. Brian lives in Dallas, but has his office in Houston. He figures the four hour car trip can be nearly cut in half. He is looking forward to reducing his airline travel substantially. He said, “I missed a flight not long ago, because they wouldn’t let me take my special equipment on board. What was I supposed to do? Leave my expensive equipment at the airport?

Learning to fly has always been a dream of Brian’s. He’s planning on getting his Instrument rating next and looking into buying an airplane. But the first thing he plans to do with his new Private pilot certificate is take his 11 year old son, Taylor, flying. It’s possible Taylor is even more excited than his dad. Brian’s advice to student pilots is to, “Do it in the shortest time. Fly frequently and study regularly. Otherwise you’ll have a fun time flying around, but never achieve your goal.” We’re looking forward to helping Brian reach is next goal.

Brian S.