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Suzanne Stites

Flight Training Testimonials

In early November, Suzanne Stites became a private pilot. It was the culmination of her work and dedication and she couldn’t be happier. For Suzanne, aviation was something that she, “always wanted to learn,” and it was mostly a matter of setting the time to work. She had some experience from previous years, but never began an outlined training program. However, all that changed in May of this year when she enrolled in the private pilot course at American Flyers. Within two and a half weeks, she had completed most of her allotted flight and ground school time. As she finished her time requirements, she noticed that her flying skills had allowed her to, “think differently,” and in a more dynamic manner, this owing to the highly fluid environment of controlling an aircraft in flight.

Suzanne’s hard work paid off when she successfully completed her private pilot flight test. She called it a great, “sense of accomplishment,” and that her check ride was, “just another lesson where everything came together.” Congratulations on a job well done!

Suzanne S.