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Bob Palcher

Flight Training Testimonials

After recently passing his private pilot check ride, Bob Palcher, 48, is already making plans. He is currently preparing for instrument ground school, and is hoping to sign up for the instrument flight course soon. Bob appreciated long ago the freedom, responsibility and mobility that aviation could provide.

Bob realized that “flying is a lot of fun, but is also a great resource for business”. Bob has spent 20 years criss-crossing the country as an auto-parts consultant, and knows that efficient use of time is good for business. On the day of this interview, Bob was returning from the Cirrus dealer, a proud owner of a Cirrus SR-22 GTS complete with air-conditioning and an onboard oxygen system.

The things Bob most looks forward to is being able to take vacations down to the Bahamas. His most memorable trip so far has been a trip to an island off of Panama City. Located in a dense jungle, the airstrip was a short canoe ride to a deep-sea fishing port; a short while later marlin and sailfish were putting up a fight. Bob is not only seeking adventure, but a chance to share the thrill of flight with his grandchildren (when they are old enough). Granddaughter Colby is 14 months old, and his grandson Elliot is on the way. Very soon, these two will have a proud grandfather to share the skies with.

Bob P.