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Stephen Fletcher

Flight Training Testimonials

Dr. Stephen Fletcher is a pediatric neurosurgeon at University of Texas, Houston. He has recently achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. While the dream may have remained a constant in his life, what he plans to do with this accomplishment has evolved into a noble cause. South Texas has a large population of under served medically needy and Dr. Fletcher’s goal is to fly to them and provide medical care they cannot otherwise get.

The dream to fly had been in Dr. Fletcher’s heart since he can remember. Between him and his dream, though, were the obstacles of life: college, children, financial constraints. When the time seemed right, he began his training at an FBO. He accumulated 60 hours and was just ready to take the written exam, when a tragedy occurred in his workplace. He put his dream temporarily on hold. When the time seemed right, he came back to his training, flew another 10 hours and was again prepared to take the written. A partner quit the firm and Dr. Fletcher put his training on hold once more.

Although nearly ready to give up his dream for good, he decided to call American Flyers. A plan was developed to complete his training and the school was able to help him train around his haphazard schedule so he was able to complete his training successfully. Dr. Fletcher has been flying around Texas since earning his Private Pilot certificate and plans to get his Instrument rating in the future.

Stephen F.