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Stacey Wareham-Clayton

Flight Training Testimonials

My name is Stacey Wareham-Clayton and I was the proud and grateful recipient of the January 2014 Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship. I graduated from
When I first completed my CFI, I worked for American Flyers in Cleveland as a flight Instructor. It was there I instructed weekend ground
My Journey is still in progress, but since the scholarship and subsequent CFI/CFII ratings, I have been extremely fortunate. My primary employment is with
I was a 1998 recipient of the Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship. I completed my CFI at American Flyers in Dallas, Texas. I am very
I am currently a corporate pilot with a Fortune 500 where I serve as a Captain and Safety Officer. I still do occasional bi-annual
I was a lucky recipient of the Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship in 2001 and completed my CFI and CFI-I at American Flyers in Addison,
I was very pleased to earn The Judith Resnik Scholarship. I then used the My CFI and CFII and took my first flying job
American Flyers and the Judith Resnik Scholarship have played a pivotal role in my life as an aviator. I joined Flyers as an intern
I am Kelly McDermott Davies and received the 1991 Judith Resnik Scholarship from American Flyers. The scholarship provided me with my Flight Engineer and