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Adeel Siddiqui

Flight Training Testimonials

Until recently Adeel Siddiqui had a job as an aircraft dispatcher for Ryan International Airlines. Now he has new position as an administrative intern at American Flyers in Santa Monica. “I was very happy at my old job, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn’t pass by,” he said of the internship.

Adeel was working on his Private Pilot training at the West Chicago American Flyers location, when he sat with school director, Tim Genc, to talk about funding options for his Career training. What fit his needs best was the administrative internship, which provides a working experience, as well as an education. Within a month he was accepted for the internship, passed his Private Pilot check ride in West Chicago and was on his way to Santa Monica. His wife, Rabiah, will be relocating to their new home soon.

During the one year administrative internship Adeel will earn his Instrument rating and Commercial Pilot certificate. When the year is done, he’ll attend the 30-day CFI Academy and hopes to be hired as a flight instructor. Ultimately, Adeel wants to work in cargo or corporate aviation, but right now he just wants to enjoy flying.

Adeel S.