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Featured Staff: Sean Heath

Featured Staff: Sean Heath

Sean Heath first got the “aviation bug” when he saw an advertisement on Facebook for an introductory flight back when he lived in California. He thought, “This will be an awesome adventure! I’ll fly over the beach and take control of an airplane. How cool will that be?” Little did he know that he was about to be roped into the most amazing industry on the planet.

Sean came to American Flyers back in 2021. He transferred from another flight school to finish up his private pilot license and then continued all the way through his CFI certifications. He would always joke with Mason Ross, CFI Academy Chief Instructor at the Houston (CXO) location, even as a student, that he was going to take his job. Well, in early May 2023, he passed his chief checkride, and they have been working side-by-side ever since. That same passion and dedication shines through to the students and instructors that he works with. Sean is someone you look forward to seeing every day. He has a way of brightening everyone’s day, and he has the ability to take the dullest of topics and make them interesting.

Sean grew up in San Diego, California. Growing up he was obsessed with spontaneous adventures, and he always aspired to be a teacher. He enjoys stumbling upon new hiking trails, quite literally, and his parents quickly became accustomed to him coming home with various injuries. Sean attended San Diego Miramar College and has a degree in professional aeronautics. When he’s not in the sky, he enjoys cooking, watching movies, and spending time with loved ones.

Sean is an undeniable asset to the team, and we are so happy to have him helping to set the stage to take our Houston-Conroe, TX location to new heights!