It Pays to Know the Rules


By Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot For those of you who play the board game Monopoly, you know what the “Get out of jail free” card is all about. It gives you a second chance to continue playing the game without a fine. There is a similar concept in aviation under the Aviation Safety Reporting System […]

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Gifts for Pilots


Having trouble filling out your holiday wish list? Look no further than our 2017 holiday gift guide for pilots. From headsets to gift certificates, we have you covered!   BI-PLANE PROPELLER MOUNT A unique twist on displaying your old propeller or antique propeller, this wall mount is designed to look like the front of a WWI fighter […]

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A Goal or a Journey


Featured Staff: Richard R. Hyslop In June 1968 I was in my second year of Civil Engineering School at the University of Wisconsin, and like the majority of college-age students, what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was still a mystery. One day an advertisement in thelocal newspaper caught my attention; […]

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American Flyers Interview with Ian Perkins


By American Flyers Pilot’s Digest: How long have you wanted to be a pilot, and why? Ian Perkins: I have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember. I remember being on holiday with my family in Ishpeming, Michigan, when I was young. When flying home, we had to take a small […]

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Cross Country Flying for the Holidays

Cross Country

Chronicles of a Corporate Pilot By Mike Forth Flying Home for the Holidays…or a Limousine, a Dirt Strip and a Cowboy! Flying for a corporation can be fun, boring and at moments terrifying, but around the end of the year during the holiday season it was always fun. I have written in the past about a […]

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