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Richard R. Hyslop


A Goal or a Journey

A Goal or a Journey

Featured Staff: Richard R. Hyslop

In June 1968 I was in my second year of Civil Engineering School at the University of Wisconsin, and like the majority of college-age students, what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was still a mystery. One day an advertisement in thelocal newspaper caught my attention; it was offering airplane rides to see the city from above. When I signed up for that adventurous joy ride, little did I know it would define the rest of my life.

I immediately began training for my Private Pilot’s Certificate and joined the U.S. Navy as a Pilot in 1971. After two years of Naval Flight Training, two tours of duty in Vietnam, and a 9-month deployment in Alaska, my passion for aviation was unwavering. In 1978, I transitioned my aviation career from military to civilian, continuing to fly as an American Airlines Captain, flying domestic and abroad to South America, Europe, Hawaiian Islands, Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada.

I use the word passion, because to make a career in aviation it requires passion. At American Flyers, the building blocks for a successful aviation career are put in place, but this is only the first step. Aviation is not a goal but a journey. After nearly 50 years of aviation, you would think I have mastered all there is to this career. Not so! My studying and learning new things has never stopped. Passing on what I have learned and the experience I have gained over the years is now the passion in my journey.

For those of you who are currently flight training, I hope you have the hunger and passion to continue in aviation. There will be bumps in your journey, but don’t allow them to be a road block. For those of you who are considering a career in aviation, come share our passion and let us give you a sound foundation to begin your journey. Call American Flyers to book your introductory flight today!

Clear Skies and Soft Landing.



ATP: B727, MD80, B777, B767, B757, L188, 2nd Class Medical



Airline: PIC-10,000; SIC-4,000
Military: PIC-2500; SIC-500
Civilian: PIC-500