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Student Interview: Leslie Dunn

Student Interview: Leslie Dunn

Pilot’s Digest: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Leslie Dunn: I work as a physician. I have a dense schedule. I met a person who told me about American flyers and encouraged me to go in to visit the school. I’m glad I did.

PD: How did you get into flying?

LD: My love of flying began when my mother took lessons when I was a child and I rode in the back of the plane. The hook was set. Jump forward 25 years when I was starting my career in the ER. I was interviewing for a job on a navy air station and went by a sign that said “flying club.” I asked if an employed contractor could join. They said yes, so I took the job. I received my initial license at that flying club and started instrument training. Then life interfered with flying. Some of that time was taken up building my RV6A.

PD: What made you choose American Flyers for your Instrument?

LD: They made it so easy, and all the staff is friendly and helpful. I came in to meet with Brianna who took my log book, volunteered to add up hours, and told me what to do and how to restart. I have been flying VFR for some time, but I found returning to the precision of IFR flying challenging. My instructor, Summer, made it easy.

PD: How do you find the time to train while handling your busy schedule as a doctor?

LD: Training times are very flexible which is important and a huge help with my busy schedule.

PD: What is your favorite thing so far about Instrument flying compared to when you were training for your Private?

LD: The best experience was the first time I broke out over the clouds between cloud layers and the sun was shining. My written instructor Kyle has made the written exams go quickly and a
breeze. The courses are on the weekend which is great.

PD: What’s next for you once you complete your Instrument?

LD: My initial goal was to be a better pilot and complete my instrument rating. I’ve had such a positive experience that I would like to go on to become an instructor. If I can be as good an instructor as these trainers, maybe there will be another kid in the backseat who falls in love with flying someday or maybe when I’m at an EAA event, I can give a kid his first dual hour for free.