American Flyers Interview with Maria Jose Fernandez

Maria Jose Fernandez

By: American Flyers Pilot’s Digest: Tell us a little bit about yourself: Maria Jose Fernandez: I am from Mexico, and my father is a pilot as well as my uncle. Ever since I was five years old, my father used to take me on his flights all over the world. I enjoyed every trip I […]

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Wings And Wheels


By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot It has been about 30 years since I last rode a motorcycle. When I moved from NY to FL in the 80’s I never brought my endorsement over to my new license. My son just turned 18 and is soon off to college. We figured that it would be […]

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High Altitude Stalls


By: Dick Hyslop, Retired American Airlines Pilot In the April edition of Flying Digest, National Chief Pilot Steven Daun presented an excellent discussion about stalls in a Cessna 172. Question; Do airline pilots have to be concerned about stalls? Absolutely! Since stalls are an AOA (angle of attack) issue, the type of airplane doesn’t matter. […]

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