Do You Have What The Airlines Are Looking For?


By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot You have been flying recreationally for years. During one of many vacations with friends or family, you find yourself on an airliner jetting to some unique destination. Inevitably, during one of these trips, one of your friends or family members indicates that “since you are a pilot, if something happens, […]

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A Discussion on Stalls


By: Steven Daun, National Chief Pilot The word “stall” means different things to different people. When people decide they want to learn how to fly, they find that many word definitions they know and understand are different in the aviation world. One of these words is “stall.” The lack of adequate preparation and presentation is […]

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Student Interview: Christian Winsnes Alvarez


Pilot’s Digest: What inspired you to learn to fly? Christian Winsnes: Since I was a young kid, I loved to see airplanes wherever I was. When I traveled with my family, I kept staring at all the airplanes that could be seen from the window. At that age I was already in love with planes, […]

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