Becoming a Pilot

Become a Pilot

BY TIM GENC For those of us who love airplanes, we know that flying can be for anyone who has a passion for aviation. We also know that it takes skill, dedication, the right mindset and attitude of an early explorer, and an adventurer’s spirit. It takes quick thinking and the ability to divide your […]

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Getting Back in the Pilot’s Seat

Pilot Seat

BY STEVEN DAUN, NATIONAL CHIEF PILOT Remember, that event that fueled your passion for becoming a pilot? If you are like me, there was some event that took place in your early years that made you fall in love with airplanes. Mine was sitting in the pilot’s seat of a Pan Am 707 on a […]

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Getting Your Plane Out of Winter Storage

Winter Plane Storage

BY RICK FARMER, NATIONAL HEAD OF MAINTENANCE Now that the winter season is starting to fade in most parts of the country, pilots everywhere are looking forward to the flying season ahead. If your aircraft has spent the last few months collecting dust, there are few things that need to be checked before you take […]

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