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Angela D. Wittenberg

Flight Training Testimonials

My Journey is still in progress, but since the scholarship and subsequent CFI/CFII ratings, I have been extremely fortunate. My primary employment is with the U.S. Government as a wild-land firefighter. However, since I have the ratings and experience, my employer has granted me the opportunity to fly the King Air B200C as co-pilot mapping wild-land fires at night; consequently building precious twin turbine, IFR, night and cross-country time. This summer I was also detailed the the Redmond Air Group in Central Oregon as a Sherpa (C-23A) co-pilot dropping smoke jumpers and para-cargo. I am hoping to get on full time of course but am very happy right now with the afforded opportunities.

The scholarship has helped me in two ways: 1) it has helped gain the respect of my peers – since earning the CFI/CFII ratings and gaining the instructing experience shows depth of knowledge and experience. 2) I have gained a great sense of pride and confidence that comes with the CFI/CFII ratings.

As far as helping women achieve their goals in aviation: I have introduced two female friends recently to the beauty and awesomeness of flight. More importantly however, for humanity as a whole, helping other women in aviation achieve their goals is not where it should end. Goal achievement and progress is for women everywhere in whichever endeavor. They can see that there are those of us who ARE successful in our careers – as pilots, firefighters, business owners, bankers, professional mountain climbers, writers, etc. It’s just a matter of being pro-active and LIVING by example. There’s my soap box!


Angela D. Wittenberg


Angela W.