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Deborah Downey

Flight Training Testimonials

When I first completed my CFI, I worked for American Flyers in Cleveland as a flight Instructor. It was there I instructed weekend ground school classes which really taught me how to teach, as every class was different and each student was at different stages in their flying. The staff was incredibly supportive and the environment made it easier for me who was learning how to teach, fly and plan the next week also!  I remember being totally intimidated, until the day I worked as a CFI with a client with many years flying experience who was working on a CFI reinstatement. We were working on cross country planning when I realized that he couldn’t plan a low-altitude flight because he had not done so for many years. The light bulb went on!

One year ago I moved to Cleveland Airsports, still as a part-time instructor.  I moved because I wanted a new challenge of flying with the same student from start to finish.  It has been very gratifying to take a student from start to finish and have the examiner tell me that the student was well prepared.  Watching my first solo student has been a special highlight also.

My plan always has been to retire early from my full time job as a nurse practitioner and instruct full time.  I am slowly working my way towards that goal, multi ratings are up next and then ATP.   I continue to instruct part time and that early retirement is in sight!


Deborah Downey

Deborah D.