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Lynn Houston

Flight Training Testimonials

American Flyers and the Judith Resnik Scholarship have played a pivotal role in my life as an aviator. I joined Flyers as an intern so long ago I can’t even remember, but I worked my way up to Chief Pilot of the Santa Monica school. When I left American Flyers in 1998 to fly cargo,  I had an ATP along with my CFIAI Single and Multiengine Instructor ratings. Six months later I was hired by a great regional carrier SkyWest Airlines and received my type in the EMB 120, CRJ 600 and CRJ 700. I was a Captain on the CRJ 700 when I left in 2006.

I am currently the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization called A Different Point of View,  whose mission is to Engage, Inspire and Transform youth who are at-risk of losing their way. Using flying lessons as a launching pad we hope to show them, most who have never been farther than their neighborhood, that the world is bigger and has more to offer than they could ever imagine. We give them several hours in an airplane and teach them that they are the captains of their destiny. They literally learn to see their world from a different point of view.

Thanks to American Flyers and the Judith Resnik Scholarship my life in aviation has been and still is extremely rewarding.

Never forget, all things are possible.

Lynn Houston

Lynn H.