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Christie M. Battle

Flight Training Testimonials

I was a 1998 recipient of the Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship. I completed my CFI at American Flyers in Dallas, Texas.

I am very active in the Air Force Auxiliary (CAP), where I serve as a standardization check pilot. I also serve as a IP Instructor Pilot for the Air Force Auxiliary. I just flew with a former B-52 pilot last night to keep him current on instruments. We are also a part of the Home Land Security. I am mission qualified and with counter drug clearance.

I continued with my flight training and am now multi-engine qualified. With 1100+ hours I am in the process of being approved with Mission Aviation Fellowship/Europe. After going to Kenya two years ago I know that it is my mission in life to support missionaries with aviation support.

MAF/Europe have four openings in Kenya. I am hoping to fill one of those openings. The Judith Resnik Scholarship was a dream of a life time. Thank You!!! I want to better mankind through the training I received through American Flyers. Please continue to offer this scholarship.


Christie M. Battle CFII/M

Christie B.