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How do I use the IACRA ACR Service?


You complete the American Flyers Flight Instructor Renewal Course and follow the instructions found on your Main Page under “Renewal Details”. The ACR will communicate with you via email and you will be notified when you can download and print your temporary certificate.
An Airman Certification Representative (ACR) is an individual representing a specific FIRC sponsor who is authorized to accept FAA applications for renewal of valid flight instructor certificates from successful graduates of that sponsor’s program and to issue temporary flight instructor certificates. For your convenience, our ACR can accept your application via IACRA or through the mail and issue you a temporary certificate.
Yes, you have enough time. You need to complete the online training and submit your application for renewal on the IACRA website three days before the expiration date on your back of current CFI certificate. If you are mailing your application to our FIRC Department, it must be received on or before the expiration date on the back of your CFI certificate. If you are applying for renewal through a FSDO, you must present your graduation certificate to them on or before the expiration date on the back of your CFI certificate. Be sure to call the FSDO early to make an appointment.
If you are unsuccessful at passing both quizzes an alert will be sent to our technical support team to assist you. If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours, please call 800-268-6198 or email
There are a total of 2, with 2 additional back-ups. First, a randomized 30 question test and an additional remedial randomized 30 question test after Lesson 6, called a Midcourse and Remedial Midcourse quiz. The second is a comprehensive final 30 question test and an additional comprehensive 30 question remedial test, called a Final and a Remedial Final. Once you have completed the lessons (100% on both the Content and Time progress bars), you will be prompted to take the first quiz.
Once you purchased the program it is yours to use for life; however, if you choose the IACRA or ACR Service for processing your paperwork there is an additional fee each time you use one of these services.