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How much does the finish program cost? How long and how many hours are included?


It varies tremendously; finish-up programs can range from “I started my private training with 10 hours 30 years ago” to “I’m signed off for my checkride and my airplane is down for annual.” Any finish-up program is going to have two components: satisfying the FAA’s requirementand flying to proficiency. The first is easy – we review your logbook and do the math. The second is more challenging and normally requires some time with one of our CFIs to determine. Once they’ve gotten a good idea of your flying skills, we can put a program together.
No problem. Let us know your availability and we’ll put together a schedule for you. One of the biggest deficiencies we see when people come to us for a finish-up is lack of regular, frequent training. And while a full-immersion training program is certainly beneficial, it is more important that training is regular and consistent. We’ll work with you.
Give us as much notice as you can, once you decide to start. As all of our resources are dedicated to flight training, we can get you scheduled usually with a few day’s notice, but we also need to schedule your check ride with a designated examiner. The more notice we have, the easier it is to work around their schedules.
Absolutely. Yours or ours, it makes no difference to us; we want flying the aircraft to be familiar and easy for you. You are welcome to use a club or personal aircraft for the training. We’ll have our insurance companies communicate a bit, and we’ll be ready to go. You can even leave your plane here with us between your lessons.