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What time zones are used to electronically time stamp graduation certificates and IACRA applications?


The American Flyers website time stamps on the Eastern time zone. IACRA’s website time stamps on the Central time zone. Those attempting to renew on the last day of the month that are in different time zones will need to take this into account. Suggestion: Do not wait until the last day of the expiring month.
There is another document which can be used in place of the CFI certificate. Here is the link where you can obtain a Verification of Certificate Privileges: To utilize the online serviceyou must establish an account with the Airmen Certification Branch. Once you’ve completed that procesyou’ll receive an e-mail with the document. Upload the Verification of Certificate Privileges as the BACK scan and the front of your pilot’s certificate (ATP or Commercial) as the FRONT scan. If you don’t have your pilot’s certificate, simply use the Verification of Certificate Privileges as the FRONT and BACK scan.
You must complete the first four steps of the renewal checklist in your American Flyers account. Then everything you need to do is complete and the ACR will be alerted to review your paperwork. You will be notified via email when your Temporary Certificate is available or if there is a problem with your IACRA application.
No, you can purchase it anytime. From your FIRC, locate the RENEWAL DETAILS section. Under “Your FIRC Paperwork Instructions,” you’ll see the following: “Our records show that you have not purchased our ACR Service. If you would like American Flyers to process your FIRC paperwork so you don’t have to schedule an appointment at the FSDO, please click here.” Click on that link to purchase the IACRA paperwork processing method.
Yes, you have enough time. After you complete the online course, submit your application for renewal on the FAA’s IACRA site. Then provide us with the necessary ID info by completing the first 4 steps of the renewal checklist in your American Flyers account. To guarantee the renewal, the ACR requires at least five business days before the expiration date printed on the back of your CFI certificate.
Airman Certification Representative. They represent a specific FIRC sponsor and are authorized to accept FAA applications for renewal of valid flight instructor certificates from successful graduates of that sponsor’s program and issue temporary flight instructor certificates.
If you fail once, you immediately get a second attempt. If you fail that, our FIRC support team will reset it for another 2 attempts. If you fail those, we will put you in touch with our National Chief Pilot for any questions you may have. After that, the test will be reset for a fifth attempt.