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Other FIRC sponsors advertise that I can start my FIRC at any time. Why can’t I do that with your FIRC?


If you start your FIRC too far in advance of your expiration date, you risk the chance of missing regulatory or guidance changes. The intent of the FIRC is to keep you current and safe. As pilots and instructors we take that responsibility very seriously.
No, you don’t have to fill in your flight time for a CFI renewal. In IACRA you can click on “next” to continue past the flight time portion of the application without entering any hours. On the 8710 form you need only fill out Sections I, IV, and V.
You can update your profile by clicking on the Account pull-down menu on the navigation menu at the top of the page and then clicking on “Edit Profile.” Edit the information in the fields and then click on the “continue” button on the bottom of the page. Please take this opportunity to make sure your email address is current. You can reprint your Graduation Certificate after revising your information.
Yes, provided that you have not yet initiated the ACR service. Click on this link and click the money back guarantee link. Click the link for “refund form” and complete all the blocks of the form. Then click the submit button. You should see your credit card statement reflect the refund on your next billing cycle.
First locate your nearest FSDO at then make an appointment to meet with an Airman Inspector prior to your CFI certificate expiration date. The wait time for an appointment can be several weeks depending on the FSDO. Ask if you should bring a paper 8710 application or if they want you to apply through IACRA. Lastly, bring the following: a. Your signed Graduation Certificate (date of issuance must fall within three calendar months prior to CFI certificate expiration date) b. Your completed and signed 8710-1 (if they accept paper applications) c. Your valid US Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID d. Your unexpired Flight Instructor Certificate (hard copy).
Mail your signed Graduation Certificate, valid CFI certificate (hard copy), completed 8710 form, notarized proof of identity, and copy of your photo ID to: American Flyers FIRC Department 32535 Wolf Branch Lane Sorrento, FL 32776
Yes! Since the FAA’s IACRA system is paperless, CFI’s traveling or living outside of the U.S., can easily apply for renewal. You must: 1. Complete the American Flyers IACRA checklist; 2. Submit your IACRA application for renewal online at and, 3. Make sure our ACR has reviewed and signed your application. Faxing or emailing paperwork is not permitted. We require that you submit your application at least three days before your expiration in order to guarantee renewal.
You complete the American Flyers Flight Instructor Renewal Course and follow the instructions found on your Main Page under “Renewal Details”. The ACR will communicate with you via email and you will be notified when you can download and print your temporary certificate.
An Airman Certification Representative (ACR) is an individual representing a specific FIRC sponsor who is authorized to accept FAA applications for renewal of valid flight instructor certificates from successful graduates of that sponsor’s program and to issue temporary flight instructor certificates. For your convenience, our ACR can accept your application via IACRA or through the mail and issue you a temporary certificate.