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Featured Staff Members: Maintenance Team

Featured Staff Members: Maintenance Team

Thank you to our entire maintenance team for all of your hard work and dedication. Our mechanics work tirelessly each day to ensure our airplanes meet the highest standards the industry has to offer. Because of them, our employees and customers feel safe each time they fly one of our airplanes.

Our maintenance team consists of highly skilled and trained professionals. Each mechanic provides experience and know-how, which combined with their can-do attitude, ensures our safety standard is met each day. They are dedicated, loyal, smart, and some of the hardest workers you will ever come across. We could not ask for a better group of people to maintain our equipment. 

Thank you to Rick Farmer, Daniel Nodal, Ray Garcia, Diego Melendez, Sebastian Agramont, Dave Burridge, Nick McCaulsky, Jack Miller, Nate McCarthy, Sheldon Proffitt, Kevin Fitzgerald, Daniel Hendricks, and Ryan Patino. You guys are the best. Thank you for all that you do for American Flyers. There is no way we could single any one of you out for this edition of the Pilot’s Digest. You are all amazing and worthy of being recognized as our featured staff. Thank you for being a part of American Flyers. We are blessed to have you on our team. Keep up the great work!