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Featured Student: Jack Frye

Featured Student: Jack Frye

American Flyers: Tell us a little about yourself?

Jack Frye: My Name is Jack Frye. I am currently 21 years old and I got into flying when I was 17. I run a software development company and attend Eastern Michigan University. I am working towards a bachelor of science in aviation flight technology.

AF: How did you get into flying?

Frye: I got into flying because it ran in my family. My great uncle was a pilot in Vietnam and ended up flying helicopters for President Ford and Nixon. My great grandfather had one of the first-issued pilot’s licenses. So when the opportunity arose to go to an aviation-based high school, I jumped at the chance.

AF: Tell us how you went about choosing a flight school?

Frye: I have been to a number of flight schools and they all haven’t been the greatest experiences, I took a year off to really think if this was the route to go, after some thought and push from my friend group who are all pilots I got back into it, I was looking at American Flyers as an option because their program was very enticing, not only that but I look at first-hand reviews and talk to people who have attended.

AF: What made you choose American Flyers?

Frye: I chose American Flyers for my flight training for many reasons. I spoke with the regional recruiter and went over the concerns I had. Kevin reassured me and guided me through the process. And not only that, he was there with me throughout the process and checked up on my progress later on after I had started. Then I got to meet the crew here at American Flyers Scottsdale and all my concerns were extinguished. They were professional, thorough, and very passionate about their students.

AF: How much outside studying did you have to put in during your time with AF?

Frye: The amount of outside work you are willing to put in will define your aviation experience and career. I put a lot of studying in, typically at least a few hours a night on a normal basis, and a lot more near check rides. I still had free time on the weekends to live a normal life. I never felt burnt out. 

AF: What is your most memorable moment at American Flyers?

Frye: The most memorable moment I have had at American Flyers, aside from learning a lot and becoming a better aviator, would have to be completing my private check ride after years of work, time, and effort. That was the best feeling. I also value the bonds and the diverse group of like-minded individuals I got to meet. I always said I thought moving down here was the best decision I had made directly in part to American Flyers.

AF: Looking back, what advice would you give someone interested in starting pilot training?

Frye: The advice I would give is to be ready to full-heartedly dive into the information and to learn it as well as actually understand it. Don’t give up over time. It will click and make sense.

AF: What’s next for you?

Frye: Once I finish at American Flyers, I plan on finishing my degree while looking for a job, whether it is as a CFI, another commercial job, or missions flying out of the country. We will see; the possibilities are endless with the resources provided by American Flyers.

AF: If you could fly anywhere, go to any flying destination, where would it be?

Frye: If I could fly to any one place, I would pick Alaska. I would love to see it for its natural beauty and fly in a different environment.