What is your hourly rate?

One of the biggest missteps that many people make when considering flight training is asking about an hourly rate. Face it; we live in a society where we are always looking for a cheaper option.

What good is a cheap hourly rate if it takes you twice as long to achieve your objective? Besides the money, you must think about the quality of education as well. This is especially so if you are going to be flying with your friends and family. You should also consider that approximately 20% of our students started elsewhere because they perceived it to be cheaper. They come to us to help get their courses back on track and finish up. You also need to know what is included in the hourly rate. A good hourly rate will include hull and liability insurance, a well maintained airplane, a structured flight training program, fuel, and a well qualified instructor.

American Flyers does not approach our courses from an hourly rate perspective. We consider first, did you receive the expected quality of education? And second, was your course cost reasonable for the education you received?

What will it take to teach you to become a safe pilot?

Just like most things in life, becoming a safe pilot begins with the right attitude. The right attitude means understanding and agreeing that our training processes and procedures are in place for your safety, education, and benefit; that there are no shortcuts in flight training; and most importantly, understand that it is much easier if you learn subjects correctly the first time and in a logical order of progression. Doing this will ensure that you have one of the most exciting and fun experiences of your lifetime.

What equipment do you use?

Just like the airlines, we use a combination of simulators and airplanes.

In addition to our flight simulators, American Flyers also uses the newest generations of Cessna 172 and Piper Pilot 100i for all single-engine flight training. Both aircraft types offer state-of-the-art avionics and systems. Many of our students find these aircraft to be an excellent transition into their own airplanes.

What is the structure of the program?

Our basic formula is straightforward. We introduce new topics on the ground, practice them in the simulator, and demonstrate them in the airplane.

Aviation is built on a set of skills. The first set of skills that you will learn is how to control the airplane by reference to the outside horizon. This is similar to what you do every day when you drive your car. It is a matter of learning what the “normal” sight picture looks like and responding when it changes.

The next set of skills is to learn how to get the airplane to do what you want it to do. We do this by flying various patterns over the ground. These are commonly called “ground reference maneuvers.”

Once you understand how to fly the airplane safely, we then begin working on navigation skills. You will learn how to navigate using ground references as well as navigation equipment contained in the airplane.

The last step in the training process is to bring all of your newfound skills together. This prepares you to fly alone in the airplane on your solo flights and to prepare for your checkride. When you pass your checkride, you will receive your pilot certificate.

How long have you been doing this?

American Flyers has been training pilots since 1939. Technology changes over time, but the basic foundation of flying skills has remained unchanged. We have proven this over and over in the last 83 years. We have trained more pilots than any other school in the world.

What time zones are used to electronically time stamp graduation certificates and IACRA applications?

The American Flyers website time stamps on the Eastern time zone. IACRA’s website time stamps on the Central time zone. Those attempting to renew on the last day of the month that are in different time zones will need to take this into account. Suggestion: Do not wait until the last day of the expiring month.

If I complete the course before my expiration date, will my date change?

As long as you complete the course within the three calendar months preceding the month of your CFI Certificate expiration date, your expiration date will not change.

If you start your FIRC too far in advance of your expiration date, you risk the chance of missing regulatory or guidance changes. The intent of the FIRC is to keep you current and safe. As pilots and instructors we take that responsibility very seriously.

Do I have to enter my flight time on my application for renewal?

No, you don’t have to fill in your flight time for a CFI renewal. In IACRA you can click on “next” to continue past the flight time portion of the application without entering any hours. On the 8710 form you need only fill out Sections I, IV, and V.

I finished my FIRC on a computer that I was unable to print from. How do I retrieve my Graduation Certificate so that I may print it?

Log back in to American Flyers. On the pull-down Menu at the top of the page, roll your cursor over “Account” and select “FIRC Renewals”. There are links to download/print your Graduation Certificate and an 8710 form should you need it. You may print it more than once if you wish.

My certificate number has changed since I first purchased the FIRC For Life. How do I update my account?

Each time you re-enroll you are asked to enter your CFI certificate number. The certificate number you provide is the one that will correspond to that particular renewal. If you make an error, contact American Flyers at online@americanflyers.com and we can correct it for you.

The address on my Graduation Certificate is old and doesn’t match my 8710 form. How do I update my account?

You can update your profile by clicking on the Account pull-down menu on the navigation menu at the top of the page and then clicking on “Edit Profile.” Edit the information in the fields and then click on the “continue” button on the bottom of the page. Please take this opportunity to make sure your email address is current. You can reprint your Graduation Certificate after revising your information.

When I started the FIRC course I purchased the ACR service. Now I have changed my mind and want to take my paperwork to a FSDO. Can I get a refund?

Yes, provided that you have not yet initiated the ACR service. Click on this link http://americanflyers.net/instruction/enroll.asp?form=b and click the money back guarantee link. Click the link for “refund form” and complete all the blocks of the form. Then click the submit button. You should see your credit card statement reflect the refund on your next billing cycle.

What do I need to do if I want a FSDO to process my renewal?

First locate your nearest FSDO at http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo/ then make an appointment to meet with an Airman Inspector prior to your CFI certificate expiration date. The wait time for an appointment can be several weeks depending on the FSDO. Ask if you should bring a paper 8710 application or if they want you to apply through IACRA. Lastly, bring the following: a. Your signed Graduation Certificate (date of issuance must fall within three calendar months prior to CFI certificate expiration date) b. Your completed and signed 8710-1 (if they accept paper applications) c. Your valid US Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID d. Your unexpired Flight Instructor Certificate (hard copy).

How do I use the traditional mail-in ACR Service?

Mail your signed Graduation Certificate, valid CFI certificate (hard copy), completed 8710 form, notarized proof of identity, and copy of your photo ID to: American Flyers FIRC Department 32535 Wolf Branch Lane Sorrento, FL 32776