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Once you purchased the program it is yours to use for life; however, if you choose the IACRA or ACR Service for processing your paperwork there is an additional fee each time you use one of these services.
The FAA is requiring ALL FIRC providers to provide a minimum number of hours of course content. This course is constructed along FAA guidelines to be a “study” course, not a “read” course and is designed not only to refresh your knowledge of what is required of you as a Certificated Flight Instructor, but also enable you to successfully pass the quizzes to graduate from this course. To that end, the FAA now requires ALL FIRC providers to add a timer to their courses so that study time can be verified. American Flyers has implemented this by having a clock that remains in the background, out of sight and is activated each time you open a lesson. The required study time is shown at the beginning of the lesson by the lesson title. That particular section will stay open and available to you for a selected number of minutes that are appropriate to studying and retaining the information presented. You may then proceed to the next lesson and so on. These “speed bumps” are designed to make sure that you have time to read and review the material before proceeding on. You may go back at any time to lessons that you have already studied. The content of the course will include links to relevant websites and reports, as well as videos. Time spent on those additional resources will count toward the minimum time for that lesson. If you find you are completing the lessons quicker than the allocated time, we strongly recommend that you make use of those resources for further review. The quizzes will not become available till the Content and Time progress bars reach 100%.
The online FIRC course consists of 13 lessons. There is a quiz after lesson 6 and then again after lesson 13. All quizzes are comprised of random multiple-choice questions about the material contained in the lessons. The Final Quiz at the end of Lesson 13 is cumulative and contains randomly selected questions covering the content from all of the lessons. Pass rate is 70%. After you’ve successfully completed all of the lessons, you must submit an application for renewal. This can be done through our ACR Service, either using IACRA or the traditional mail-in method or through a FSDO. If you choose to use IACRA you can complete your paperwork online but must submit your application on the IACRA website at least three business days before the expiration date printed on the back of your CFI certificate. This will allow our on-staff FAA ACR’s time to review, approve and sign off on the application and 8710. If you choose to mail your paperwork to our ACR, drop it off at one of our school locations, or take it to a FSDO, we must receive it prior to your expiration date.
Absolutely. Yours or ours, it makes no difference to us; we want flying the aircraft to be familiar and easy for you. You are welcome to use a club or personal aircraft for the training. We’ll have our insurance companies communicate a bit, and we’ll be ready to go. You can even leave your plane here with us between your lessons.